AGSEP Task Forces (TF)

A task force is made up of a group of parents that, on a volunteer basis work to improve the various aspects of school life.

The Management Board is directly responsible for the  task forces listed below.

ALL PARENTS ARE WELCOME TO JOIN THE GROUPS. If interested please write directly to the individual task forces:

Communications Task Force

The Communications Task Force strives to assist all AGSEP members with communications with the school administration and the EU School Commission.  This includes issues related to parent relations, document translation and AGSEP website maintenance.

Please contact:

Facilities Task Force

The Facilities Task Force acts as AGSEP members' liaison on issues pertaining to the new building, the cafeteria, cleanliness at the school, play equipment, use of the building, etc.

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Library Task Force

The Library Task Force strives to maintain a functioning library for our students' use at both Via Saffi and Via Toscana.  As of this date, however, there is no money being allocated towards an operational library at either location. The Library Task Force will continue to liase with the school officials to achieve two functioning libraries.

Please contact:

Social Events Task Force

The Social Events Task Force brings our wonderfully diverse population together to learn about and enjoy each others' cultures.  Events in the past have included The Christmas Market and The End of Year Picnic.  The Social Events Task Force is also in the process of creating a "Welcome to Parma" packet of information for new families joining our community.

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After School Activities Task Force

The After School Activities Task Force serves to inform member parents about the enrichment opportunities available to children throughout the city and the region.  They provide information on a wide range of activities including sports, music, dance, trekking, etc.

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CTS Support

The CTS Task Force supports the AGSEP-Representative. For more information about the work done in this group: see the CTS page.

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CE Support

The CE Task Force supports the CE-Representatives. For more information about the work done in this group: see the CE page.

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