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Ordinary General Assembly of the AGSEP

School for Europe, strada Langhirano 177A, Parma

12th April 2018, h18:30 (second convocation)

Meeting Report


On 8th April , an email from the AGSEP president invited any parent who wished to be involved in the MB to send their application to the following email address: secretary@agsep.eu, specifying the language section and the class attended by their children. It was underlined that, in order to avoid any conflict of interest and in accordance with the AGSEP statute, parents who, for any reason, have a contractual or corporate collaboration relationship with the school, can’t be part of the MB (art. 11). 

 Reasons for the resignation of several MB members

Together with the request to include this item, a group of parents asked the AGSEP Presidency to add to the agenda a "vote of confidence on the remaining members of the MB” and a "vote to advance the new elections". This request, sent after the announcement of the ordinary GA meeting of April 12, was not accepted as it would violate art. 7.4 of the association’s statute, which states that the removal of MB members can’t be determined in an ordinary GA meeting, but has to be discussed in an extraordinary GA meeting, that must be called in specific ways.

 - Update on the activities of the association and issues raised by parents

 - AOB

 Attendance of the General Assembly:

  • Management Board of AGSEP: Mrs. Patricia Kanu (President) ; Mrs. Irene Di Jorio,(representative in CTS)
  • Around 60 parents
  • Carlo Cipollone, Director of the School for Europe (invited ad hoc)


The president of the AGSEP, Mrs Kanu, welcomes the attendees. She introduces the general assembly (GA) meeting by: i) reminding the members of the functions of AGSEP; ii) highlighting the latest successful achievements of the AGSEP (e.g. KiVa - research-based antibullying program, theatre project extended to all language sections, free textbooks for the French and English sections, after-school activities offered at the beginning of the school year); iii) presenting the purpose of the present meeting; iv) refuting allegations that some MB members have started a legal action against the school or the Director [Mrs Kanu’s introduction is in annex:

ANNEX 1 DiscorsoPresidente
ANNEX 1 DiscorsoPresidente
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Upon request of some parents, the order of the agenda is changed to start with the 4th item.

  • AOB

On behalf of a group of parents, Mr Martin Helmert informs the MB that one hundred signatures have been collected from members of the AGSEP for a petition asking to convene an extraordinary GA meeting. This number satisfies the condition of one fifth of the members required to call such meeting (art. 6.7 of the statute). The purpose of that extraordinary meeting would be to request a vote of confidence regarding the remaining members of the MB and to call for new elections. The list of the signatories is handed over to Mrs Kanu. Mr Helmert requests the MB to propose a date for the extraordinary meeting within one week.

Mrs Kanu then informs the attendees that, on 11th April, the school’s Director forwarded an extract of the conclusions of the MIUR inspectors (Italian Ministry of Education), in charge of auditing the administration of the school, to the MB. The inspectors identified a few irregularities in the current AGSEP’s statute, which are not compliant with the Decree 138 of 18th June 2010 laying down the regulation of the School for Europe of Parma.

One parent declared that the way the MB appointed the current AGSEP representatives in the management bodies of the school (Technical/Scientific Council (CTS), Education Council (CE), School Board (CdA) in November 2017 is irregular as appointments were decided in the absence of some of the members of the MB, without notifying them. AGSEP replies that the first Management Board meeting regarding all the appointments was called in due time, sending a doodle at the same time where anyone could apply for the different positions

ANNEX 2 Cariche Elettive-1
ANNEX 2 Cariche Elettive-1
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One parent asks Mrs Kanu where the minutes of past MB meetings are made available to the members of the association. Mrs Kanu acknowledges that the minutes had not been published on the AGSEP website for some time. Mrs Kanu commits to share them with the AGSEP members swiftly.

Upon request from some parents, Prof. Cipollone joins the meeting in order to clarify the outcome of the inspection of the school regarding the AGSEP statute. Attendees are informed that the inspection started in September 2017, upon a formal request sent to the MIUR by Mrs Kanu, on behalf of AGSEP. Mrs Kanu informs the attendees that the AGSEP MB decided unanimously to take this step during two MB meetings held in January and September 2017.

Dott. Cipollone, reporting a part of the inspection results, confirms that AGSEP’s current statute does not comply with the Italian law on the matter (Decree 138 of 18th June 2010; Ministerial Order 215 of 15th July 1991).

In particular: i) every parent of a pupil attending the School for Europe must automatically be a member of AGSEP; ii) representatives of AGSEP in the management bodies of the school (CdA, CTS, CE) must be elected directly by all parents.

Consequently, the statute needs to be amended in order to address those irregularities and to guarantee the democratic participation of all the families: inspectors invited to apply the Italian law about election procedures in the school (in particular Ministerial Order 215 of 15th July 1991). Then, new elections have to be organised by the school (on the basis of the new statute) to appoint AGSEP representatives to the management bodies of the school.

The MIUR has also indicated that, given the time needed for amending the statute and organizing new elections, it’s advisable to keep working “in prorogatio”, meaning with the participation of the current MB members.

Prof. Cipollone proposes to organise a meeting with a group of parents on Thursday, 19th April, in order to discuss all necessary amendments to the statute of the AGSEP. The following parents volunteer to join that task force: Chantal Deveze, Irene Di Jorio, Marco Gabbi, Raquel Garcia-Matas, Luciano Garofano, Martin Helmert, Sofia Ioannidou, Patricia Kanu, Carolina Mojica, Yunuén Morales, Stefania Salentino, Marco Vignali, Franco Seletti.

Prof. Cipollone commits to sending a letter to all parents in order to call for candidates for the new AGSEP Management Board. It is then requested that enough time should be given to parents to apply to be a candidate. In that letter, Prof. Cipollone will also request parents their formal authorization to give their contact details to the AGSEP (email addresses).

One parent inquires about the current composition of the AGSEP MB, in view of the recent resignation of several members. Mrs Kanu states that the current MB is composed of two members, herself and Mrs Irene Di Jorio (out of the 13 members elected in November 2017).

The following motions are proposed and put to the vote of the attendees:

MOTION 1 by Mr John Defayette: “The AGSEP will convene a group of volunteer members that will formulate and propose modifications to the AGSEP statute correcting in particular the irregularities concerning the Association detailed in the MIUR ministerial inspectors’ report to the school”. Motion passed.

MOTION 2 by Mr Defayette: “The AGSEP will call, at the earliest time, an extraordinary GA with the primary aim of approving the proposed modifications to the Association’s statute”. Motion passed.

MOTION 3 by Mr Defayette: “The second item on the agenda in the above-mentioned GA should be the election of a new AGSEP MB from the full Association’s membership”. Motion passed.

MOTION 4 by Mr Massimo Sacchi (proposed against MOTION 3): “The procedure to renew the AGSEP MB should start after the above-mentioned GA”. Motion failed.

The other items on the agenda are not addressed.

The GA meeting is adjourned at h20:45.

Gentili genitori,

Il Management Board di AGSEP invita le famiglie della Scuola per l’Europa di Parma all’Assemblea Generale ordinaria che si terrà nei locali della scuola il giorno

12 aprile 2018 alle ore 18h00 in prima convocazione e alle ore 18h30 in seconda convocazione.

Ordine del giorno

1) Completamento del Management Board, secondo quanto previsto dall’art. 7.6 dello Statuto AGSEP ( http://www.agsep.eu/download/HOME/Statute/STATUTO2015.pdf ).

Invitiamo coloro che desiderano impegnarsi all’interno del Consiglio Direttivo a inviare il proprio nominativo all’indirizzo email: secretary@agsep.eu specificando la sezione linguistica e la classe frequentata dai figli. Ricordiamo che, al fine di evitare qualsivoglia conflitto d’interessi, in base al Codice di comportamento di AGSEP, non possono far parte del Consiglio Direttivo coloro che «a qualsiasi titolo, abbiano rapporti contrattuali o di collaborazione societarie con la scuola» (art. 11).

 2) Presentazione delle motivazioni che hanno portato a dimissioni dal MB di AGSEP

Contestualmente alla domanda di inserire questo punto, è stato chiesto alla Presidenza di AGSEP di mettere all’ordine del giorno un “voto di fiducia sui membri rimasti” nel MB e una “votazione per la previsione di nuove elezioni”. Tale richiesta, inviata dopo l’annuncio dell’assemblea ordinaria del 12 aprile, non può essere accolta poiché, ai sensi dell’art. 7.4 dello Statuto, il voto di fiducia o revoca di consiglieri non può essere deliberato da un’assemblea ordinaria, ma da un’assemblea straordinaria, indetta con specifiche modalità.

3) Aggiornamento sulle attività dell’Associazione e problematiche segnalate dai genitori

 4) Varie ed eventuali

 Invitiamo tutti a partecipare e ad esprimere le proprie idee, perché il dialogo e il confronto sono strumenti indispensabili per la crescita di tutta la comunità scolastica.

E' il momento di rinnovare il Consiglio Direttivo di Agsep per i prossimi 2 anni.

Questa è l'opportunità per dimostrare quanto abbiamo a cuore la Scuola e vi incoraggiamo dunque ad agire e collaborare con altri genitori!

Stiamo cercando genitori volontari energetici e entusiasti che vogliano contribuire con una parte del loro tempo e capacità a migliorare l'esperienza educativa dei nostri figli.
Scaricate e compilate il modulo per la candidatura e firmate il codice di condotta, quindi inviateli insieme ad una foto all'indirizzo secretary@agsep.eu, entro le 10.00 di giovedì 19 ottobre. La presentazione sarà pubblicata poco dopo sul sito AGSEP.
Le elezioni on-line saranno disponibili dal 23 al 25 ottobre a mezzogiorno (12:00). Sarà inoltre possibile votare la sera dell'Assemblea Generale (25.10.2017), dopo di che saranno presentati i risultati.
La prima riunione del nuovo Consiglio di Direttivo si terrà alla fine dell'assemblea.

PS: Naturalmente è necessario essere socio AGSEP per essere candidato (e votare). Quindi, compilate anche il modulo di iscrizione se non siete già iscritti.

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Codice Di Comportamento Da Rispettare Da Parte Di Tutti I Membri Del Consiglio AGSEP
Codice Di Comportamento Da Rispettare Da Parte Di Tutti I Membri Del Consiglio AGSEP
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AGSEP Modulo-iscrizione IT SenzaScadenza-3
AGSEP Modulo-iscrizione IT SenzaScadenza-3
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It's time again to renew the AGSEP Management Board for its two-year term.  This is the chance to show how much you care about the school and therefore we strongly encourage you to stand up and co-operate with other parents.

We are seeking energetic, enthusiastic parent volunteers who wish to contribute a part of their time and talents to improving our children's educational experience.

Download and fill in the form for candidates and sign the "codice di condotta", then send them together with a photo to the secretary@agsep.eu before 10.00 on Thursday, October 19. Your presentation will be published shortly after on the AGSEP-website.

An on-line election will be available from October 23 until October 25 at noon (12:00). It will also be possible to vote on the evening of the General Assembly (25.10.2017) after which the results will be finalized and presented.

The first meeting of the new Management Board will be held 25.10.17 after GA.

PS: Of course you need to be AGSEP-member to be candidate (and to vote). So please fill in the inscription form as.

Il Management Board di Agsep invita le famiglie della Scuola per l'Europa di Parma all'Assemblea Generale che si terrà il giorno

25 ottobre 2017 alle ore 17.30 A SCUOLA

In caso di mancato raggiungimento del quorum, l'assemblea si riunirà, lo stesso giorno, in seconda convocazione alle ore 18.00

Ordine del giorno

  1. Relazione del Tesoriere e presentazione del rendiconto annuale.
  2. Relazione Conferenza annuale Scuole Europee  accreditate Bad Vilbel
  3. Mercatino di Natale 2017
  4. Elezione nuovo Management Board
  5. Nuova delibera su destinazione fondi AGSEP
  6. Varie ed eventuali


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Sarà possibile votare i candidati ancora dalle ore 17.00 alle ore 18.00 direttamente in assemblea, indi si procederà allo scrutinio e successiva nomina del nuovo consiglio direttivo.

E' possibile votare tramite documento di delega

Versione: 10.17
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AGSEP cerca volontari per scrutinare le schede di voto (scrivere a executive@agsep.eu ) e per l'organizzazione del mercatino di Natale  (scrivere a socialevents@agsep.eu ).



Il Consiglio Direttivo di Agsep invita le famiglie della Scuola per l'Europa di Parma all'Assemblea Generale che si terrà il giorno 14 giugno 2017 ore 18.00 nella palestra della Scuola in Via Saffi, 8. ( l’assemblea si riunirà in prima convocazione alle ore 17.30 dello stesso giorno)

Ordine del giorno:

Report da parte dei rappresentati Agsep delle riunioni di CE, CTS e CdA con aggiornamenti sul nuovo edificio.

Circolare della scuola conferme iscrizioni

This is to convene the General Assembly of AGSEP Members on JUNE 14 st at h. 17:30 PM on first call and

TUESDAY JUNE 14st h . 18.00

AGSEP General Assemblygiugno2017
AGSEP General Assemblygiugno2017
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 Gentili Soci, con la presente si convoca la


dei Soci AGSEP il giorno 14 Dicembre 2016, alle ore 17.30 in prima convocazione e alle ore 18.00

in seconda convocazione, nella palestra della scuola

  1. Elezione posti vacanti per il Consiglio Direttivo di AGSEP
  2. Relazione rendiconto annuale
  3. Conferenza AESN Culham
  4. Report riunioni CE, CTS e CDA

Vi aspettiamo numerosi



Dear Members, this is to convene the


of AGSEP Members on December 14th, 2016 at 5:30 P.M. on first call, and  at 6.00 P.M. on second call, in the school gym

  1. Election new members for MB of AGSEP
  2. Financial annual report
  3. AESN Culham Conference
  4. Report CE, CTS and CDA meeting

We look forward to seeing you all


Versione: 12.16
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