The AGSEP WhatsApp Broadcast Channel is the new main communication channel from the parents association to the parents (besides this website).

Communications from AGSEP and our school (if available) are send/forwarded to all parents who subscribed to this service.

How to subscribe:

By sending an activation message via WhatsApp to the number

375 593 9240‬

containing the parents name, the classes of all children and the language in which the Broadcast shall be send. IN ADDITION it is required to put the above number into the ADDRESS BOOK of the mobile phone (and WhatsApp needs access to the address book, which normally was given during installation of WhatsApp). Otherwise no WhatsApp Broadcast messages will be received.

This is NO WhatsApp Group where all users are visible!!

Questions can also be send to this number via WhatsApp.

AGSEP Contact Emails:

  • General requests:
  • AGSEP president:
  • All 21 AGSEP committee members:

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