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The AGSEP Board is always looking for volunteers to help us with activities and events. Parental involvement is essential.

Volunteers are needed for specific events as well as on an ongoing basis.  If you have some time to spare, keep an eye out for blogs or e-mails requesting volunteers or contact your Task Force Chairperson.

Some of the events that need volunteers are the Christmas Market, the Library, The Piedibus, and end of the year events (graduation, booksale, picnic).

PIEDIBUS: WE NEED VOLUNTEERS - Contact  Alessandra Perrone

LIBRARY: WE NEED VOLUNTEERS - Contact Raquel Garcia Matas


Festa MULTICULTURALE – Parco Nevicati

Come ogni estate è in procinto di partire la festa Multiculturale di Collecchio nella splendiada cornice del parco Nevicati. Vi segnaliamo tra gli eventi di cui siamo venuti a conoscenza un'esibizione di Capoeira. La Festa    

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Verba volant, scripta manent

ADAS & AGSEP have donated to the Kwa Dunia Library Association and the School Library more than 300 books. The books are fiction and non-fiction, and in a variety of languages including English, French, German and Italian. The purpose of this project was to collect used books that were no longer read, and give, to each ...continue reading

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Text Book Sale – Volunteers Request

Dear AGSEP and parents, Every year we organize the second hand book sale and we need volunteers. This year there are no prices on the official book lists, and without prices we cannot cannot do the sale. We need parents to help us insert them manually. We also need parents / or older students to ...continue reading

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NEW Text Book Lists – NUOVA Lista libri di testo

Dear parents, The school has published the new text book lists on the Italian page of the school website. Didattica - Libri di testo. Please follow this link AGSEP, with the school's availability, is trying to organize the second hand book sale during the last days of school. We shall keep you posted, but in order ...continue reading

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Festa di fine anno

Dear Families, We are approaching the end of this school year and we would like to invite you all to an afternoon snack, on Sunday June 14th starting at 4P.M. at Eridania Park. It’s an occasion to exchange greetings before the Summer Holiday. The venue will take place during the Parma Ethics Festival, and there ...continue reading

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Children’s Shoes Drive

Dear Parents, My name is Simona Delprato Pezzoli. I am a mom and class rep for Year 7 of the Italian section. I volunteer for Caritas at my local church, assisting 15 families in need. We provide for food, clothing and shoes. It’s useless for me to tell you that the needs are many and sometimes ...continue reading

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS & MERRY XMAS – A Special Thank you to all Volunteers

AGSEP management Board would like to thank everyone that helped out during the Xmas Fair and the Xmas Concerts. Special thanks go to: Marco, our new Via Saffi guardian angel, who helped out all day. Pascal Casier, parent of a 7FR student, who also helps out with the AGSEP website Ines Seletti, at the ADAS ...continue reading

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Abbiamo bisogno di volontari/ volunteers needed 18th December

Dear parents, Agsep can't work alone. I mean we need volunteers. This is not my opinion. This is a statement. Everything you like to attend has been organized , prepared and got ready for each event. Please spread the word in your class. Helping the assocation doesn't mean you became automatically member of the management ...continue reading

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Management Board (MB) Meeting Report – Verbale MB 27/11/14

Dear Parents, Please follow the link for the report on what was discussed during the last MB meeting. The document is only in English. I know some Class Reps complained about the lack of translations of documents. I would like to remind you that we are all volunteers, and it takes a lot of time ...continue reading

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Needed: Parent Helpers English Primary & More

Dear Parents, The English Primary teachers are looking for English mother tongue volunteers as "parent helpers". Due to the diversity of nationalities, especially in the English section of our school, it would be helpful to establish a group of parent helpers. Examples for your help would be: story reading, group work,  etc. Even one school-hour ...continue reading

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