Come ogni estate è in procinto di partire la festa Multiculturale di Collecchio nella splendiada cornice del parco Nevicati.

Vi segnaliamo tra gli eventi di cui siamo venuti a conoscenza un'esibizione di Capoeira.



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Parma cleanup

Just four days after the Baganza River decided it had had enough of the Parma levee the city's population is working like a well-oiled clock pushing back the mud and water.  The following is an update from the southern front:

  • Volunteers for cleanup service may make themselves available to the city coordinators either at one of the designated check points or by contacting the Polo Sociale in Via Carmignani 9/A near Via Montanara.  Tel. 0521-031250.
  • Many families are still without proper clothing.  The most needed items are clothing, shoes, sheets and blankets for adults.  Children have been mostly taken care of.  Your useful items may be dropped off at the Polo Sociale (see above).
  • Don't forget the bake sale fundraiser this weekend.  It'll be a great opportunity to bring in some needed cleanup and repair funds as well as a chance to meet your fellow Parmigiani!