Come ogni estate è in procinto di partire la festa Multiculturale di Collecchio nella splendiada cornice del parco Nevicati.

Vi segnaliamo tra gli eventi di cui siamo venuti a conoscenza un'esibizione di Capoeira.



ADAS & AGSEP have donated to the Kwa Dunia Library Association and the School Library more than 300 books.

The books are fiction and non-fiction, and in a variety of languages including English, French, German and Italian.

The purpose of this project was to collect used books that were no longer read, and give, to each book, the ability to continue to retell the story it contained in its pages.

AGSEP & ADAS Scuola per l'Europa


Adas Scuola per l’Europa & Agsep donano alla Biblioteca dell’Associazione Kwa Dunia e Biblioteca della Scuola per l’Europa più di 300 volumi.

Libri di ogni genere e in lingue diverse fra inglese, francese, tedesco e italiano.

L’iniziativa consisteva nel raccogliere libri usati destinati a non essere più letti e regalare , ad ogni libro, la possibilità di continuare a raccontare la storia che racchiude nelle sue pagine.

AGSEP & ADAS Scuola per l'Europa


Dear AGSEP and parents,

Every year we organize the second hand book sale and we need volunteers.

This year there are no prices on the official book lists, and without prices we cannot cannot do the sale.

We need parents to help us insert them manually.

We also need parents / or older students to help out during the sale, and another Doodle will follow.

I do not have the dates of the sale yet because we have to wait for the school to give us access to the building.

Here are the instructions on how to complete the task at hand:

  1. Follow the DOODLE LINK and sign up
  2. Send me an email so I know who you are - Stefania Beale
  3. save a copy of the book list from the school website
  4. start copying the ISBN numbers
  5. go on amazon.it and paste the ISBN number
    (we chose amazon.it so we have a standard price list. Sometimes it’s not available there so we have to use other sites)
  6. copy the FULL retail price and insert it in the NOTES section of the appropriate book list OR manually write the FULL PRICE (not the discounted price we use for the sale)
  7. pdf the copy and send it to me via email - Stefania Beale. It will be uploaded on our website

See attached completed copy for the FRENCH Secondary as a blueprint.

Thank you for your help.

Stefania Beale

1 Livres 2015-2016 Secondaire 4-7
1 Livres 2015-2016 Secondaire 4-7
1 livres 2015-2016 Secondaire 4-7.pdf
2.9 MiB
1 Livres 2015-2016 Secondaire 1-2-3
1 Livres 2015-2016 Secondaire 1-2-3
1 livres 2015-2016 Secondaire 1-2-3(2).pdf
1.2 MiB


Cari AGSEP e genitori,

Ogni anno organizziamo la vendita di seconda mano dei libri di teso e abbiamo bisogno di volontari.

Quest'anno, negli elenchi ufficialidella scuola, non ci sono prezzi, e senza questi non possiamo fare la vendita.

Abbiamo bisogno di genitori per aiutarci ad inserirli manualmente.

Abbiamo anche bisogno di genitori / o gli studenti più grandi per dare una mano durante la vendita e appena possibile ci sarà un altro Doodle..

Ancora non ho le date della vendita perché dobbiamo aspettare per la scuola per darci le date e l'accesso all'edificio.

Qui ci sono le istruzioni per completare l'operazione sopra descritta: 

  1. Seguire il LINK DOODLE e iscriviti
  2. Inviami una e-mail in modo da so chi siete - Stefania Beale
  3. salvare una copia della lista dei libri di testo dal sito web della scuola
  4. iniziare a copiare i codici ISBN
  5. andare su amazon.it e incollare il numero ISBN

(Abbiamo scelto amazon.it per poter avere un listino prezzi standard. A volte non è disponibile qui, quindi dobbiamo usare altri siti)

  1. copiare il prezzo pieno e inserirlo nella sezione NOTE dell'elenco libro appropriata OPPURE scrivere manualmente il prezzo pieno (non il prezzo scontato per la vendita)
  2. fare una copia pdf del listino con i prezzi e inviarlo al mio indirizzo email da poterlo caricare sul sito- Stefania Beale

Vedere come esempio in allegato una copia compilata e completa per la sezione francese secondaria.

Grazie per l'aiuto.

Stefania Beale

Dear parents,

The school has published the new text book lists on the Italian page of the school website.

Didattica - Libri di testo.

Please follow this link

AGSEP, with the school's availability, is trying to organize the second hand book sale during the last days of school. We shall keep you posted, but in order for it to happen we need volunteers.

To volunteer please write to Stefania Beale

A doodle, and another post will be sent to all parents when the dates will be formalized



Dear Families,

We are approaching the end of this school year and we would like to invite you all to an afternoon snack, on Sunday June 14th starting at 4P.M. at Eridania Park. It’s an occasion to exchange greetings before the Summer Holiday.

The venue will take place during the Parma Ethics Festival, and there will be plenty of entertainment for the children. Please follow the link for further information and the events calendar.

We ask all families to bring a snack. It’s going to be pretty hot, so ideally please bring a fruit based snack. Fruit is HEALTHY, THIRST QUENCHING, and Yummy!!

At the venue you will find other food and beverages too.

Social Events TF



Programma Festival per scuole locandina

shoesDear Parents,

My name is Simona Delprato Pezzoli. I am a mom and class rep for Year 7 of the Italian section. I volunteer for Caritas at my local church, assisting 15 families in need.

We provide for food, clothing and shoes. It’s useless for me to tell you that the needs are many and sometimes we struggle to meet them all. This is why I ask you, if you could help out. School is the ideal place to ask for this kind of help.

We are in need of children’s springtime shoes from no. 23 and up. We are also looking for shoes for older children no. 35 to 43. Please donate only shoes that are still wearable and in good conditions. Shoes are always a hot commodity!!

If you or your class could help me out and can donate shoes please call me at 335-681 7146, or write to Simona Delprato.

Thanking you in advance, I wish you all the best.


AGSEP management Board would like to thank everyone that helped out during the Xmas Fair and the Xmas Concerts. Special thanks go to:

  • Marco, our new Via Saffi guardian angel, who helped out all day.
  • Pascal Casier, parent of a 7FR student, who also helps out with the AGSEP website
  • Ines Seletti, at the ADAS stand
  • Alessandra Perrone and all the children of the Pedibus
  • Sarah Thomas
  • Hristo Mitov
  • Alessandra Copelli parent of 2IT primary and Enrica Petrillo teacher in 2IT. We could not have sold all the cakes without them!

Our superlative Waffles/Gaufres Team

  • Frederique Istace
  • Frank Boelaert
  • Vanessa Descy

Here is the recipe used:

1 kg white flour

10 eggs

200 g sugar

250 g melted butter

1 vanilla

1 litre milk

Mix all the ingredients together to obtain a smooth batter, then pour a small quantity on a sizzling hot waffle iron. ENJOY!

And a huge thank you to our students of Via Toscana who not only helped out at the various stands, but organized all the entertainment for the younger ones, and without whom we could not have had the music, the Art Corner and the Nail Art:

The Year 7 students:

  • Elena Beale
  • Margherita Beale
  • Francesca Bove
  • Margherita Campanini
  • Anna Cocconcelli
  • Roberta Gabriele
  • Cloe Gatti
  • Tereza Polyviou

And the Year5EN girls who painted the nails to a lot of fair maidens:

  • Emanuela Beale
  • Lisa Deertz
  • Barbara Ilovai
  • Selene Ledain

A special thanks to our Student Representative, Matteo Maggi who volunteered to be Father Christmas, but we could not find a costume that would fit him!

And finally thank you to our real Father Christmas, John!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

AGSEP Social Events

p.s. hopefully we did not forget anyone!

20141213_160435 20141213_160347 Image 5 Image 6 20141213_160613 20141213_160739 20141213_160719 20141213_160534 20141213_160510 20141213_160449 20141213_160412 20141213_160543 20141213_161359


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Dear parents,

Agsep can't work alone.

I mean we need volunteers. This is not my opinion. This is a statement.

Everything you like to attend has been organized , prepared and got ready for each event.

Please spread the word in your class. Helping the assocation doesn't mean you became automatically member of the management board so no worries.

We can't do anything by ourselves.

Please contact your reps and let us know your availability for 18th Dec at Casa della Musica for the Tea/ Pandoro Stall and VERY IMPORTANT for the Cornerstone Day at Campus where the building site is. The media are coming and we need people coming over in our support.


Thank you in advance

Kind regards