Saturday 29th of June from 10:00-15:00

End-of-the- School-Year-Picnic

Dear parents, we need an estimate about how many people will come. To help us go to this DOODLE, tick a box (number of people) and click “send”.


End-of-the-school-year-picnic EN 2 (343.6 KiB, 9 downloads)

We need an estimate about how many people might come to the End-of-the-School-Year-Picnic on Saturday 29th of June, 10:00-15:00 (changed time!!).
To help us please go to this DOODLE, tick a box and click “send”. Thanks!

If you want to join those who already volunteered to bring food, please write a message (WhatsApp or SMS) to 375 5939240 or an email to

Concept behind the international food fair:

  1. to cook for our teachers and all those who work every day at school for our children in order to say „thank you! “
  2. the food should be easy to serve, more like finger food, because we cannot use tables to sit down and eat.
  3. the food will be available against vouchers which need to be bought. All those who bring a dish and school staff get a certain number of vouchers for free. All others have to buy vouchers. 

A must will be the list of ingredients (allergies!!)! Please prepare such a list in all three languages & easy to read also for children = printed. If you need help, please send such a list to

There will be tables for the food under pavilions. Please also prepare a flag and sign to show from which country the dish is coming. 


Martin Helmert on behalf of the social events team.

Here is a collection of activities during this summer 2019. If you would like to add an activity, please send a link and small description to Thanks, your AGSEP committee.

Cooper Splash at Moletolo Public Pool and Sports Center

For children from 4 to 10, including swimming lessons, free pool time, and other sports like Beach Volley, Basketball, Football and fun activities

INFO 0521.776589 –  –

President Tennis Club Parma

Sports camp in Basilicanova for children from 5 to 12 focussing on Tennis but also other sports, e.g. Football, Baseball, American Football, Aikido as well as special events and fun labs and afternoons in the pool.

Info: 0521.681293!

Sports Camp at Sports Center Center Ercule Negri

For children from 4 to 13, including sports and activities (music, theatre etc) in airconditioned rooms as well as swimming lessons and afternoons in the pool. 0521/257040 –

English Summer Camp Dragomanno

For children from 6 to 10, immersed in nature but close to Parma, the summer camp is led by English native speakers and includes sports, labs and other fun activities.

INFO 0521/774230 – 3476976720

Scuola Munari: A Summer for the 5 Senses

For children from 1 to 10, there are different activities according to the age groups in the inspiring environment of the Mary Poppins School.

INFO 0521/233643 –

Ippovalli- A summer with horses

For children from 6 to 14 and located in a beautiful environment close to Parma, children will be in contact with nature and horses

INFO 3332857479

La Torretta Horse Riding School

For children from 4 to 14, the camp is offering riding lessons combined with theory about the wellbeing of horses and many aspects of nature.

INFO 3402525447 –

Summer at the Circus

Innovative and creative summer camp introducing children from 6 to 11 to web radio, photography and filmmaking and afternoon acrobatic lessons at the Circus School Circolarmente

INFO 348/5973176-

English Eco Lab at the International Library

For children from 7 to 11, which will be introduced to "little gests of Ecology" during labs and workshops at a camp in which the English language will be protagonist.

INFO – 0521 031984 / 983

Asinopoli. A summer immersed in Nature

In a beautiful location immersed in nature and surrounded for 4 goodhearted donkeys, this summer camp focuses on nature, animals, relax and farm live. For children from 4 to 13.

INFO 3494286844 - 3472220200


For children from 5 to 14, in this outdoor summer camps children will be guided into loads of sports and fun activities by experienced Giocampus coaches.

INFO 0521905568 ––

Swimming school CSI Lido Taro "A morning in the pool"

At the Pontetaro River Pool and for children from 3 to 16, activities include swimming and gymnastics lessons. Transport from Parma in a private bus can be organized.

INFO 335 5250264 – 339 5674248-

Summer camp for toddlers "Ciuccio di Nina"

For children from 1 to 4, in a cosy environment of the nursery Ciuccio di Nina

INFO – 328 4761405 – 0521 1511809

Summer Sports Center Anna Frank

For children from 6 to 11, activities include sports and fun time and two visits to the pool each week.

INFO – 339 5243471

Super Golf Camp Giocampus

A camp specializing on teaching children how to play golf at the Giocampus Sports Center, with a minimum of 7, maximum of 15 participants.

INFO 0521905568 – –

Cinghio - a Summer with Horses

The riding school in Felino is offering various different summer camps according to age groups, a farm camp for children 3 to 7, and pony or horse camps for older children.

INFO 0521 834892 and 3408312523

Summer Beach Volley at Isla Blanca

This summer camp is specializing on teaching Beach Volley to groups of under 16, under 14 and under 12 years olds. In includes practice and theory video lessons, ,meeting with athletes and afternoon fun time in the Aqualena Pool in via Ximenes.

Info Lucio Dattaro 348-2595007

Boot Camp for Teens - learn how to be a Film Maker

A boot camp for teens from 12 to 16 years where they will be taught in the art of video making and post production in the Corte Boselli, a structure 50 minutes outside of Parma.

Info 348/5973176

Volontary camps for Teens: Forum Solidaritae

A great opportunity for teens over 15 to get active in several voluntary fields like working with handicapped people, environment, civil protection and intercultural integration.

Info: promozione@forumsol - 0521/228330

Save the date: Saturday 29.06.2019, 10:00-15:00

We are very pleased to invite the whole school community to an international Picnic where we will celebrate the accomplishments of the school year 2018/19, and we will thank the teachers and the school administration for their dedication to the future of our children. It will be also a moment to celebrate the joy of the students who finish their BAC and to wish all the best to those leaving the school.

In order to organise our picnic, we are looking for volunteers that coordinate a country/regional food and take care of the table together with other families of the same nationality/region (e.g. Asian table, South American table, Italian regional table, etc.) before and during the picnic.

Please send an e-mail to: and be part of this project. 

Music performances from pupils, games and other activities for all are being organised. Further details will be announced in June.

We will be looking forward to hear from you soon!


the AGSEP Committee.


First European School Winter Disco on Saturday the 15thof December!


16:00-20:00 Pupils from 8-12 & Parents

20:00-24:00 Teenagers Only

Third graders of the secondary below 14 admitted until around 21:30


Dadaumpa, Via Emilio Lepido 48, Parma


€ 10,- for students

€ 15,- for parents


Food and non-alcoholic drinks. For Parents also Spritz  & Prosecco


For those who did no buy tickets in advance: please bring your badge, to prove, that you are from our school.


Few parents, organized by the social event team, will stay until the end for supervision.

See you there,

Social Event Team from the European School Parents Association

Cari genitori,
a seguito del mandato ricevuto durante l’ultima Assemblea Generale, un gruppo di 13 volontari ha elaborato una proposta di revisione dello Statuto di AGSEP al fine di renderlo conforme agli indirizzi indicati dagli Ispettori del MIUR.
Il risultato di questo lavoro, che trovate in allegato, è il frutto di diversi incontri che hanno permesso di verificare la normativa di riferimento, proporre soluzioni e discuterle collegialmente. Come vedrete, le modifiche proposte sono specificamente rivolte ad integrare la normativa italiana in materia di partecipazione, adeguandola alle specificità della Scuola. La maggioranza dei membri del gruppo di lavoro si è espressa a favore della proposta allegata. 
Pare ora indispensabile sottoporre questa bozza di progetto all’Assemblea Generale dei genitori per discussione ed eventuale approvazione. 
Patricia Kanu
Presidente AGSEP

275.3 KiB

Cari genitori,

Grazie alla partership che da diversi anni esiste tra le famiglie della scuola, AGSEP e il Cus Parma è nata un'interessante proposta per il secondo turno di Giocampus neve!

In allegato troverete la locandina per i soggiorni Giocampus neve 2018 e un'offerta speciale dedicata alle famiglie della nostra scuola.

Volantino Giocampus Neve
Volantino Giocampus Neve
2.6 MiB

Sconto Cus Parma Giocampus Neve
Sconto Cus Parma Giocampus Neve
118.8 KiB

Buone vacanze!

Task Force Extracurricular

E' il momento di rinnovare il Consiglio Direttivo di Agsep per i prossimi 2 anni.

Questa è l'opportunità per dimostrare quanto abbiamo a cuore la Scuola e vi incoraggiamo dunque ad agire e collaborare con altri genitori!

Stiamo cercando genitori volontari energetici e entusiasti che vogliano contribuire con una parte del loro tempo e capacità a migliorare l'esperienza educativa dei nostri figli.
Scaricate e compilate il modulo per la candidatura e firmate il codice di condotta, quindi inviateli insieme ad una foto all'indirizzo, entro le 10.00 di giovedì 19 ottobre. La presentazione sarà pubblicata poco dopo sul sito AGSEP.
Le elezioni on-line saranno disponibili dal 23 al 25 ottobre a mezzogiorno (12:00). Sarà inoltre possibile votare la sera dell'Assemblea Generale (25.10.2017), dopo di che saranno presentati i risultati.
La prima riunione del nuovo Consiglio di Direttivo si terrà alla fine dell'assemblea.

PS: Naturalmente è necessario essere socio AGSEP per essere candidato (e votare). Quindi, compilate anche il modulo di iscrizione se non siete già iscritti.

219.5 KiB

Codice Di Comportamento Da Rispettare Da Parte Di Tutti I Membri Del Consiglio AGSEP
Codice Di Comportamento Da Rispettare Da Parte Di Tutti I Membri Del Consiglio AGSEP
18.5 KiB


AGSEP Modulo Iscrizione IT SenzaScadenza
AGSEP Modulo Iscrizione IT SenzaScadenza
74.2 KiB


AGSEP Modulo Iscrizione EN SenzaScadenza
AGSEP Modulo Iscrizione EN SenzaScadenza
74.1 KiB


It's time again to renew the AGSEP Management Board for its two-year term.  This is the chance to show how much you care about the school and therefore we strongly encourage you to stand up and co-operate with other parents.

We are seeking energetic, enthusiastic parent volunteers who wish to contribute a part of their time and talents to improving our children's educational experience.

Download and fill in the form for candidates and sign the "codice di condotta", then send them together with a photo to the before 10.00 on Thursday, October 19. Your presentation will be published shortly after on the AGSEP-website.

An on-line election will be available from October 23 until October 25 at noon (12:00). It will also be possible to vote on the evening of the General Assembly (25.10.2017) after which the results will be finalized and presented.

The first meeting of the new Management Board will be held 25.10.17 after GA.

PS: Of course you need to be AGSEP-member to be candidate (and to vote). So please fill in the inscription form as.