Cafeteria - Via Saffi

Cafeteria pageStudents have three options for meals during school hours:

1.  Eat the meal provided by Commissione Mensa

2.  Request pasta in bianco (plain pasta or rice) as their main course

3.  Request to eat offsite.

For options 2 and 3, parents must fill out a request form and return it to

2016-2017 DELEGA Servizio Mensa Ciclo Secondario (119.9 KiB, 472 downloads)

The cafeteria will make birthday cakes upon request.


Cafeteria – Via Toscana

AGSEP organizes and manages the cafeteria at Via Toscana.  Full meals are provided and brought to school directly from Camst and served to students.

Meal tickets go on sale  THURSDAY 8/9/2016.  Meals start 12/9/2016

2016-2017 Servizio Mensa Via Toscana (250.5 KiB, 465 downloads)


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