New AGSEP Statute Approved

During the Extraordinary General Assembly (10.12.2018) the new statute of our parents association was approved by 100% with 68 votes in favor, 0 votes against and no abstention. Minutes of the meeting will be published as soon as they are ready.

Immediate effect of the approval of the new statute:

  • All parents, who have a child in our school, are now automatically member of the parents association and have one vote each (not like previously only one vote per family).
  • The 5 parents who got elected in June 2018 as parents representatives into the three school bodies (CDA, CTS, CE) are now the first 5 board members of the new parents association committee (CE: Clio Bigaro, Stefania Salentino, Chantal Deveze; CTS: Sofia Ioannidou; CDA: Martin Helmert).
  • The elected representative of the parents in the Consiglio di Amministrazione (CDA) is now also president of the parents association: Martin Helmert
  • The new board members are now in the position to use the "infrastructure" of the parents association (e.g. website, mailing-lists, etc.)

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