Call for the Extraordinary General Assembly to vote for the new Statute

The room for the assembly on Monday the 10th of December at 18:00 will be the library in the first floor of the administrational building (Scuola per l´Europa di Parma). The stairs are behind the third door in the entrance hall (left side)


The new proposed AGSEP statute, presented in the Extraordinary General Assembly of June 18th 2018, is ready to be voted by the AGSEP members for approval. This new statute has 4 main changes:

  1. Include all parents as automatic members of the Association
  2. Change of the component structure of AGSEP
  3. Modifications on the way the AGSEP Committee is elected and the
  4. Addition of a “Collegio dei Probiviri”.

In order to have this new statute approved, an Extraordinary General Assembly has to be called (as announced on the previous assembly). Due to several resignations and the revocation of the last remaining parents in the AGSEP Management Board, it had to be clarified whose mandate it was to call for this assembly.  Mr. Alberto Valenti, lawyer from Forum Solidarietà, gave advise, that the members of the last elected Management Board (even though they resigned or had been revoked) still had the responsibility to call for this assembly, in order to enable a handover of the association.

In the absence of willingness from the former president of AGSEP, the last vice-president of AGSEP as well as the last secretary of AGSEP, I, Raquel Garcia-Matas, the last treasurer of AGSEP, call for an Extraordinary General Assembly responding to the announcement previously done on the 18th of June in order to vote on the new statute :

1st call: 9th of December at 18:00 (2/3 of all members of AGSEP need to be present to be valid)

2nd call: 10th of December at 18:00 (Valid with any number of AGSEP members)


  1. Vote on the new AGSEP statute. Please see the new proposed statute for reference:
    2018 06 25 REVISIONE STATUTO AGSEP Progetto VERSIONE Settembre 2018 (42.9 KiB, 121 downloads)


Delega-GA (44.7 KiB, 75 downloads)

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