Reminder: Extraordinary Assembly, 18.06.2018

Dear Parents,

Nine weeks have passed since we last met at the past General Assembly, and a lot of things have happened since then. Lacking a response from Patricia Kanu to our request, we decided in mid-May to set up and announce a date for the Extraordinary Assembly by ourselves (click here)  which will now take place on the coming Monday, 18th of June at 18:00 at school.

Regarding the two main topics of the assembly, we would like to give you a short summary of what has happened in these past weeks:

Point 1: Revocation of the current Management Board of AGSEP

  • Only two persons are left in the present Management Board of the AGSEP - Patricia Kanu and Irene di Jorio. Unfortunately, their actions against the school (that go outside of the scope of the association) have wounded too deeply the relationship between AGSEP and school direction making the communication between them almost impossible.
  • For reasons unknown, they are not willing to step down by themselves so, sadly, we are forced to call for a vote of confidence in order revoke them from their positions to be able to get a fresh start for the AGSEP.

Point 2: Changes to the AGSEP Statute

  • The statute committee, which was formed following a motion from the last General Assembly, met 6 times. The process was slow and did not only consist of changes aligning the AGSEP statute to points brought forward by the Ministry of education (MIUR), but also tried to amend the statute as a whole. This work was declared to be finished by the committee yesterday, the 12th of June.
  • Following MIUR observations, the new statute will now include all parents from our school as automatic members of the AGSEP without any need to fill out forms, promoting more participation.
  • Another main change, that will be made in the new Statute, is the process of elections for the Board of AGSEP (previously known as Management Board):
    • Last May 30th, Director Cipollone sent out an email (Com. No. 108, 28/05/2018) to the parents explaining how the elections for the 5 official positions in the three different bodies of the school (CDA, CTS, CE) will be carried out, following rules stipulated in the law for the school, the “Decreto 138/2010”. Until tomorrow parents can inscribe to candidate for those positions at school.
    • The announced date for the elections is June 28th 2018 from 8:30 to 20:00 in our school*. The 5 elected parents will automatically become members in the Board of AGSEP.
    • For the remaining seats, a Committee of all Class Representatives will elect the remaining positions from among all ClassReps. More details will be given at the Extraordinary Assembly.

We would like to remind you of the importance of attending the Extraordinary General Assembly on this Monday, June 18th at 18:00 in order to make a change happen in our Association. If you can not come, give a Delega to somebody else. We are firm believers that us, the parents, can have a very positive impact in the school life of our children through good communication and cooperation and being a good role model for them. Let’s work together to make this happen.

Thank you and see you soon,

Martin Helmert and Chantal Deveze on behalf of the Fresh Start Movement.


*  = We are organizing an "end of the school year picnic" for this election day (28th of June) to increase the participation and in order to say thank you to the teacher for all the work they do. Watch out for more information about this!


Delega-EGA (42.9 KiB, 246 downloads)
Elezione Della Componente Dei Genitori Negli Organi Della Scuola (135.7 KiB, 170 downloads)
D.L. 138 del 18 aprile 2010 (413.0 KiB, 264 downloads)

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