Extraordinary General Assembly

During the last General Assembly (12th of April) the required number of signatures to organize an Extraordinary General Assembly, were handed over to the management board of AGSEP. At this occasion the President of AGSEP confirmed (on request), that the date for this Extraordinary General Assembly would be announced during the week following the General Assembly (16th-22nd of April).

Lacking this announcement, a date was fixed during the meeting of the statute-committee, which was instructed by the General Assembly to amend the statute of AGSEP.

The Extraordinary General Assembly will take place on the following dates:

1st call: 17th of June at 18:00 (2/3 of all members of AGSEP need to be present to be valid)

2nd call: 18th of June at 18:00 (Valid with any number of members)

During the 2nd call a “Garderie” for children will be organized in order to make it possible for more parents to be present at the meeting.

The following Agenda Points are planned:

  1. Vote of confidence to the present Management Board of the Parents Association (currently represented by two people: Patricia Kanu, Irene di Jorio). If the vote will not be positive in favour for the Management Board, the people in the Management Board will be revoked from all unofficial and official positions and functions within the Parents Association with immediate effect and all consequences.
  2. Update on the amendment of the Statute - presentation of a first draft (by the statute-committee)
  3. Creation of a group of volunteers that will deal with urgent issues on the absence of a Management Board during the summer period.

In contrast to what was requested during the last Assembly, new elections won’t be set up during this meeting, since the works on the amendment of the AGSEP Statute, to comply with the new regulations, are not complete yet. Furthermore, it is considered more efficient, if new elections are set up at the beginning of the next school year. What can be decided during this Assembly, however, is the date for the next General Assembly in September during which, the final version of the updated statute will be presented, requested to be adopted and new elections will take place. *

* = update 31.5.2018: a new development made those canceled points obsolete. Please see the next announcement for details!

On behalf of the fresh start movement