New Marking Scheme Comes Into Effect: BAC-YEAR 2021

Dear parents,

as a result from the Accredited European Schools Network (AESN)-Conference in Bad Vilbel some interesting/important issues will be posted over the next days.

The first being quite urgent, because it relates to a meeting which takes place in Brussels on the 12./13. of October. The meeting, the Joint Teaching Committee (JTC), is described on the website as follows:

"Inspectors and directors, together with representatives of teachers, parents and pupils and a representative of the European Commission and the European Patent Office, examine proposals concerning the organisation and curricula of the schools. Detailed preparation is done by numerous sub-committees."

One of the subjects of this meeting will be a new marking scheme for European Schools, coming into effect progressively until it will be first applied for the BAC exams in the year 2021.

Especially for parents whose children will have their BAC in 2021 and after, the below document should be of interest. It is the "work in progress"-document for the new marking scheme. Members of the new umbrella association for all parents associations of AESN-Schools (CAPEEA) will be present on the JTC meeting and will be able to give input on concerns of the parents regarding this issue. Therefore: please read the document and, if you have questions/concerns about the new marking scheme, please write us:

Here is the mentioned document:


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