Dear Class Reps and Parents,

For those parents who are not familiar with the Online Resister, This is a tutorial on “HOW TO” use the Online Register..

  1. All classes need to register if they want to see their grades, absences, lesson plan, test dates, etc.
  2. Contact the main office E. Signorelli  for your code, and password.
  3. EACH STUDENT has their own personal code. If you have more children, you will have to get multiple codes and passwords.
  4. After your first Login, change your password.

  5. Link your email address to your account.

  6. If you have more than 1 child repeat step 4 and 5 with the codes and passwords provided by the school. This will link all the various accounts.

  7. Start browsing

The following screenshots are to help you navigate the system.

Online Register HOW TO [0]


Online Register HOW TO [1 Main page]Online Register HOW TO [1 Password Change]Online Register HOW TO [2 Profile]Online Register HOW TO [2b Linked Accounts]Online Register HOW TO [3 Grades]Online Register HOW TO [4 Class work and tests]Online Register HOW TO [5 Class lessons by date]Online Register HOW TO [6 Absences and Tardies]

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