UPDATE – Cut to disability budget by the town hall !

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On Saturday morning, the protesters gathered outside the town hall. From our school, there were 4 parents, 5 students, and a staff employee. As the videos say there was a lot of shouting and plenty of insults.

Here a a couple  of links to the latest news are listed below, including a comment from Sen. Pagliari.


What we know:

This was a proposal, and nothing has yet been decided. The budget is still open. The annual cost for the city is approximately 2.5 million euros.

Speculation is high, and what people think is that if this was a political move/scheme, it is despicable and deplorable to play with the weak to obtain their goals.

Parents from our school are clearly worried, and AGSEP has asked the school to come up with some sort of communication on this issue. Whether it is done privately, because of privacy issues, it is not for us to say.

What several parents that are at the heart of this matter ask is:

How does the cut affect our students: worst and best case scenario?

Does the school have other funds?

How will it go about with this whole situation: dialogue with the comune, dialogue with parents, etc.?



2 thoughts on “UPDATE – Cut to disability budget by the town hall !

  1. fcaceres

    Plenty of insults?
    I was there and I really think that the only people who were "insulted" last Saturday were people with disabilities and their families.
    I could not find such insults inside the indicated links.

    1. Post author

      I completely agree that the families of disabled students are the insulted ones, and it is inevitable, albeit being a peaceful protest like this one, people will express their opinion in a strong manner. An insult does not necessarily mean swearing or bad words.

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