HAPPY HOLIDAYS & MERRY XMAS – A Special Thank you to all Volunteers

AGSEP management Board would like to thank everyone that helped out during the Xmas Fair and the Xmas Concerts. Special thanks go to:

  • Marco, our new Via Saffi guardian angel, who helped out all day.
  • Pascal Casier, parent of a 7FR student, who also helps out with the AGSEP website
  • Ines Seletti, at the ADAS stand
  • Alessandra Perrone and all the children of the Pedibus
  • Sarah Thomas
  • Hristo Mitov
  • Alessandra Copelli parent of 2IT primary and Enrica Petrillo teacher in 2IT. We could not have sold all the cakes without them!

Our superlative Waffles/Gaufres Team

  • Frederique Istace
  • Frank Boelaert
  • Vanessa Descy

Here is the recipe used:

1 kg white flour

10 eggs

200 g sugar

250 g melted butter

1 vanilla

1 litre milk

Mix all the ingredients together to obtain a smooth batter, then pour a small quantity on a sizzling hot waffle iron. ENJOY!

And a huge thank you to our students of Via Toscana who not only helped out at the various stands, but organized all the entertainment for the younger ones, and without whom we could not have had the music, the Art Corner and the Nail Art:

The Year 7 students:

  • Elena Beale
  • Margherita Beale
  • Francesca Bove
  • Margherita Campanini
  • Anna Cocconcelli
  • Roberta Gabriele
  • Cloe Gatti
  • Tereza Polyviou

And the Year5EN girls who painted the nails to a lot of fair maidens:

  • Emanuela Beale
  • Lisa Deertz
  • Barbara Ilovai
  • Selene Ledain

A special thanks to our Student Representative, Matteo Maggi who volunteered to be Father Christmas, but we could not find a costume that would fit him!

And finally thank you to our real Father Christmas, John!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

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p.s. hopefully we did not forget anyone!

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