Cornerstone Day – Come celebrate our new school building

This Thursday, December the 18th, is the 4th anniversary of the solemn laying of the first stone in the Scuola per l’Europa di Parma’s permanent home. The original delivery date:  June 2012.

Italy has invested €27.000.000 of public money in a school building that has yet to host a single class. The building is slowly rotting away. Concerned taxpayers say “Stop throwing our money away!”

The children and teachers of the Scuola per l’Europa di Parma have put up with temporary quarters, crowding into three separate locations, for 10 years. Staff and teachers do a heroic job in educating young European citizens even under the stress of subnormal conditions. Meanwhile they patiently await the permanent housing that the Italian state has obliged the City of Parma to furnish.

The City of Parma and its contracted builders, CO.GE. of Alberi di Vigatto and UNIECO of Reggio Emilia, are responsible for making this building a reality.

This year we meet to remind them of the obligation they made to the local populace four years ago.

Enough inertia—it’s time to finish the job they started.

Who is invited?

  • Concerned taxpayers
  • Staff, teachers, and families of the Scuola per l’Europa di Parma
  • Fellow Citizens of Europe

Bring your families to celebrate with us the beginning of our new, permanent home.

What will happen?

  • Candlelight vigil: bring your lanterns (those from the St. Martin lantern walk), candles and electric torches
  • Cornerstone laying reenactment
  • Warm refreshments

When: December 18, 2014, 18:00-19:30

Where: Parking lot in front of the new school building site within the University of Parma campus (see picture below).

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