Cornerstone Day – Some Final Instructions

Dear all,

Here is some useful information for today´s celebration.

  • Start time 18:00 on Thursday, December 18.
  • If possible, come by the no. 7 bus, or else use the indicated parking areas (see map below). We will have volunteers directing traffic inside the campus to the designated parking lots.
  • Do not park along the street inside the campus!
  • Bring extra lanterns, candles, and flashlights to share with other citizens (and politicians, media...).
  • Please wear yellow reflective vests, especially the kids. The meeting point is rather dark, since there is no outdoor lighting on site yet.
  • The weather will be perfect: odds are NO rain and temperatures a balmy 8°C.

The official Cornerstone Day Song will be heard in the air tomorrow. You are encouraged to learn it by heart--there will be a quiz. [Sung to the tune of "La casa" by Sergio Enfrigo]

Era una scuola molto carina
Senza studenti, un po' in rovina
Non si poteva entrarci dentro
Anche se c'era il pavimento
Non si poteva scoprire la mente
Perchè in quella scuola non c'era niente
Non si poteva fare la scuola
Perché' perché ....E' una parola!

Ma era bella, bella davvero
In via del Campus numero zero
Ma era bella, bella davvero
In via del Campus numero zero

Find here the map with all directions to easy parking and where to proceed on foot. The timetable for the n° 7 bus shows ample services for those who wish to leave the car at home.


Here is the bus timetable and route for the return trip in detail:

Orario 7

Complete time schedule Linea 7:


Find more information here on the Cornerstone Day 2014 event, or send us a note.

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