St. Martin Lantern Walk – UPDATE

Final Update (13.11.14):

Yes, the lantern walk will take place tomorrow, 14.11.14 at 17:00.

We moved the meeting point a little bit (click on the picture below)! On this picture the parking areas are marked with a little blue P.

Meeting Point 3b


The weather forecast for Friday is good! (Update 12.11.2014)

No Rain on Friday

Lantern Walk postponed!! (Update 10.11.2014)

The weather forecast for tomorrow is too insecure. The forecast for Friday is better. Therefore we decided to postpone the lantern walk to:

Friday 14th of November!! Meeting point: click on map below. Meeting time 17:00. We start with our walk at 17:30 - again: if it´s not raining.


Original post from 4th of Novemeber:

Dear Parents,

Next week, on Tuesday the 11th of November, is the day of St. Martin.
As the namesake of St. Martin I would like to invite you and your children to the nice tradition of the lantern walk again! For a change we will meet this year in the park behind the Barilla Center. Parking is easier here and perhaps it´s a bit darker. The meeting point is indicated on the map below. Meeting time 17:00. We start with our walk at 17:30.


Meeting Point

BUT the weather forecast is very bad! It sounds like three weeks ago. One weather forecast indicates 20-50 litres of rain per square meter for the 11th. Therefore it is very likely that we have to postpone the lantern walk to another, later date.

To keep informed please bookmark this post. All the news about the lanterns walk you will find here!

In the meantime some homework:

Sankt Martin ritt durch Schnee und Wind
Ich gehe mit meiner Laterne
Laterne, Laterne

Ideas to construct lanterns:
click here

History about St. Martin:
click here

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