Extracurricular Activities

Dear parents,
The extracurricular activities have already started and everything is working smoothly!
The Extracurricular Task Force will be happy to answer to any of your
suggestions, comments and recommendations.
Please, find below all attachments concerning the activities proposed by the various associations (Cus Parma, Cem Lira and KSDK) in convention with AGSEP/ School  Agreement. In our previous posts you can find more information.

For those who have registered their children to activities organized by other
associations (those that have not signed the AGSEP/School Agreement), please note:

  • Your child can only be picked up by the parents or their legal guardians.
  • However, the parents can give a written authorization (ask the school for the proper form) of the people who can pick up their child/children.
  • This authorization MUST have their name and surname. (It cannot have the association name). The person will have to show proof of identity.
  • At the end of the child's activities, the parent has to pick them up from there. The associations that have not signed the AGSEP/School Agreement cannot use the school premises as a pick-up or drop-off venue.




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