Lessons in Business for 6th Year Students: Crei-Amo 2014

Congratulations go to a particularly entrepreneurial group of students who participated in this year's Crei-Amo l'Impresa! business competition.  The contest, sponsored by the Emilia-Romagna Region's Confindustria Young Entrepreneurs and the Regional Education Department, pitted nine mock start-up companies born in regional high schools against each other in a race to create the most creative, the most feasible and the most realistic business.  The work spanning the last six months culminated in a pitch session where our ten aspiring business owners faced off in a seven-minute presentation of K.E.Y. Srl--Kitchen Environment and You.

Our school's team brought home an honorable mention for their professional pitch last Tuesday. The whole shareholder group gained invaluable real life insight into what makes a business work.

Bravi ragazzi!

Brought to you by the K.E.Y. shareholders: Anna Pezzoli, Chantal Genovese, Alessia Basini, Letizia Rossetti, Margherita Campanini, Valerio Assandri, Giovanni Andrea Cerrina, Greta Fontana, Cloe Gatti, and Rachel Lythgo.

2014-06-05 Gazzetta di Parma Pag11
2014-06-05 Gazzetta di Parma Pag11
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News at the 11:28 mark.

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