The Giro is passing by our school! Traffic alert.

Tomorrow, 20 May 2014, the Giro d'Italia will pass through town, bringing all the excitement of this 97th edition of the nation's top sporting event right to our doorstep.  It's a great opportunity for us all to live the fascination of the bespoked dragon winding through the country. Parents should beware of some traffic inconveniences.  The race route will be closed from about 15:00 until 17:00, and it will be difficult to cross or even get near the roads in a car during those hours.  The race will enter town from the northeast on Via Mantova at about 16:00.  It will meet the Via Emilia at the Strada Elevata roundabout, then cut straight through the center of town (Via Emilia Est/Via Repubblica/Via Mazzini/Via Emilia Ovest). Here are all the details.

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