AGSEP Monday Office Times

Dear parents, from next Monday on (1st of April) one or more parents from the AGSEP committee will be available to listen and to talk to you in two different locations! We will try to find answers for everything you want to know about our school. And we are always looking for good ideas and ...continue reading

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Europe Week & Schuman Day

Link: School Website

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Bullying at school: an invitation to reflection

It’s some time now we have been talking about bullying and cyber-bullying, a worrying phenomenon that is wide spreading increasingly and it’s characterized by hateful prevarications that start from simple derisions, but that often turn into episodes of real violence practiced and suffered by our children. Too often the gravity of bullying is underestimated, or ...continue reading

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Spring Picnic

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The New AGSEP Committee

The AGSEP Committee is complete! Find all details in the minutes of the ClassRep Committee meeting of the 18th of February on which the committee was filled with 16 ClassReps and now consists of 21 parent volunteers. In the past the AGSEP Committee was called AGSEP Management Board.

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Head Lice

Dear Parents, There are reports of head lice in our school. Therefore, we suggest you check your son or daughter’s hair closely at home. Head lice are parasites that are found on the scalp mostly around the ears and the back of the neck. Lice have brown colours whereas eggs (nits) are white and attached ...continue reading

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Update Concerning Mensa Volunteers (Last Post 8.3.19)

Important Update. Please Read!

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Mensa Volunteers

UPDATE: See next post

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Delega Comitato ClassRep 18.02.2019

Delega 18.02.2019 CC-Meeting

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Comitato AGSEP Meeting Invite

Comitato AGSEP Meeting Invite

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